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Koto Japanese musical instrument

What is a koto?

Endless possibilities in 13 strings

The koto is a traditional Japanese musical instrument with a history of over a millenium. Said to resemble the body of a dragon, the koto's origins can be traced to ancient Chinese instruments, which were introduced to Japan during the 700's. Early versions of the koto were played as part of court music in the Nara period, and by the aristocracy in the Heian Period. During the Edo period, (17th century - ) the koto music flourished as an independent jenre and took on its modern form and style. Today, the koto continues evolve, performed in both traditional and comtemporary musical contexts.

About me

Mai Taniguchi - Dubai based Koto player

Mai started playing the koto in Japan at the age of 15. During university she began to learn under koto virtuoso Kazue Sawai, and later obtained the teaching license from the Sawai Koto Institute.
Over the years Mai has performed in Japan as well as in Australia where she lived for nearly 6 years. Currently based in Dubai, UAE, she is excited to share the beauty of the koto with the people in the Middle Eastern region and beyond, exploring new musical and cultural collaborations.

Dubai based koto player
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